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The bitsCrunch utility token (BCUT) is a digital token native to the network, providing access to enriched NFT data within the bitsCrunch ecosystem.

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What is bitsCrunch and what are the criteria to get the Genesis $BCUT airdrop?

$BCUT token is the utility token for the bitsCrunch Network. Since June 2023 bitsCrunch is running a incentivized testnet and participants who qualified through various tasks are eligible for the network genesis airdrop.

More about $BCUT

The bitsCrunch token (BCUT) is a digital token native to the bitsCrunch network. Its primary function is to facilitate smooth operations within the network, and it is exclusively intended for use as a utility token. The secure and efficient functioning of the bitsCrunch ecosystem relies on a fusion of cryptographic techniques and economic incentives, aimed at fostering adoption and upholding network security.

General idea of token

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$BCUT Airdrop